Wednesday, December 03, 2008

And A Blouse Made of Ampicillin

I was checking out a site for discounted designer clothing that advertised a jacket made from "40% cypro."

"What the Hell is that," I said, Googling. The only cypro I've ever heard of was the antibiotic they gave people who thought they were going to get attacked by anthrax seven years ago.

Google asked me, "Did you mean cupro?" Several sites told me cupro was similar to rayon.

"Oh,' I replied. "Thank you. Rayon I know."

In other news, everyone I know is on Facebook and we keep sending each other stuff, but I can't figure out how the "Requests" thing works. So I'm behind by 87 trees and a snowman.

Update: And now I just signed up with Twitter. Aaagghhhh! Just what I needed for the holidays...a new learning curve.

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