Friday, December 26, 2008

Cats' Holiday

Here's Chico in the new pet bed I got for the cats at IKEA tonight.

I got the basket and blanket from the people departments, because they were cheaper than the ones in the pet department.

PS: Okay, as I was posting the previous photo, Ashley jumped into the basket to double the cuteness quotient. This is working out just like I'd planned. Usually when I knock myself out getting them something nice, they ignore it and play with a cardboard box.


Oh my. They ARE being cute! I'm glad they liked your gift. I know exactly what you mean about getting cats these great things and toys and they barely glance at it. I got Einstein a kitty toy recently and he had much more fun playing with the package trying to get it out, rather than with the toy once it was free of it's packaging.

Hope you are enjoying your holidays. The weather is crazy here as usual. Hit 70's a few days last week, now high's in the 40's and freezing tonight. Yep, they're predicting 70's again for tomorrow.
Yeah, it's warm here, too. I was wearing a raincoat without the lining and I felt too warm.
It's hard to please a cat. Much less two! Congratulations! (Have they started driving each other out of it yet?)
Yes, the jockeying for position has begun. Sometimes it's a swat, sometimes one just stares at the other one.

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