Friday, December 19, 2008

They're Turning on Me

The cats were chasing each other last night and Chico banked himself on my face, making two big scratches around my left eye and one right on my eyelid. The first thing I thought as I shot out of bed was, “He poked out my eye and I’m gonna have to go to the Emergency Room and I want to sleeeeep!” I turned on the bathroom light and got out the peroxide and cotton balls. You never realize how much blood is in your face until it’s on the outside. Once I wiped it off I could see it was only flesh wounds. My eyelid is puffy today, but not infected puffy. More like somebody gave me a black eye.

Considering how many times the cats have chased each other in the middle of the night and how many times Chico’s grabbed or pushed at some part of my anatomy with his claws out, the first order of business is going to be to trim his claws constantly, since I can only get one or two of them at a time when he’s asleep. Then, I want to do something about the distance between the bed and the top of the wardrobe, since Chico tends to gain mass the higher up he falls from and my pillow is right under the top of the wardrobe.

So why don’t you move your pillow? Because he grabs the other end of the bed to get onto the bed, and sometimes sinks his claws into my toes.

I also have to give Ashley ear drops again, Baytril this week and then Epi-otic for the next three. So part of my days off will be spent on catly problems, being in a constant state of claw-trimming and ear-dropping. And as far as giving them something to grab onto, maybe I can buy some shelves and get somebody to help me do what this guy did.

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