Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Things and Stuff and Stuff and Things and...Stuff

Okay, just took a little walk around the office looking for discarded office supplies from the cubicles of the downsized, and scored a couple of magazine holders. Then I got back to my cubicle and reorganized my quarterly file folders. All of this took a whopping eleven minutes.

At lunchtime I want to return a necklace I’d bought on Saturday at the GAP because I needed gray beads to go with the purple blouse I’d bought there. The purple blouse looked good on Saturday and will be worn again, perhaps even to the office. The gray beads were unnecessary but for some reason on Saturday afternoon they were a matter of life and death.

Then to the bank for a checkbook register. Then I still have this $20 credit slip at The Rose shoe store and I feel as if somehow I’m destined to have a credit slip there for the rest of my life or until they go out of business. If I go there and get a pair of Merrell sneakers for $60 plus my $20 credit, I can guarantee you that for some strange reason known only to God, those sneakers will be totally wrong for me in three days and I will be back there to get an $80 credit slip.

Also, I feel like, “You already have two pairs of sneakers! Save that credit slip for a necessity!” But when necessity comes along, it can never be filled by whatever the store with the credit slip has on hand when you need it. So I may as well get more sneakers.

I'm adopting this as my new mission statement in life: I may as well get more sneakers.

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