Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2Dog

I'm starting off the New Year with a cold, or, more specifically, half a cold. It's only affecting one side of my face, which feels like it's sliding off my head.

Last night, loaded with antihistamines, I went to the deli counter of my corner supermarket. The guy had a sloppily hand-lettered sign that said "Happy 2009," only the first "0" looked like a capital "D" and the "9" looked like a lower-case "g." In my brilliant state of mind, I started giggling.

"I thought your sign said 'Happy 2Dog.'"

The guy looked at me strangely.

"Which, of course, doesn't make any sense," I added, lest he think I was crazy. I knew 2Dog didn't make any sense, by golly! Can't fool me!

Meanwhile, I was repressing bursting out laughing until my lips were stretching like a balloon. The guy finished slicing my cold cuts and handed me the packages.

"Thanks! Happy 2Dog!" And I cracked up, while the two people on line behind me watched me walk away, obviously deciding I was starting my New Year's celebrating a tad too early.

I've been watching the Twilight Zone marathon most of the day, because it's not New Year's Day without it. And every year, it's..."Martian and the Diner, yeah, Talking Tina, yeah...wait a minute, I don't remember this one." Every year there's one I don't remember. Or sometimes, I don't remember whether or not I remember it. Maybe it's stress--Good riddance, 2008!--or old age. But I think right now it's just antihistamines.

Happy 2Dog.

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