Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heat Wave

Not the weather; just me.

I woke up with a temperature of 101-point-something, a flu that somehow slipped past the flu shot. So I'm at home right now bundled up with the windows closed, trying to scare the fever by making the room hotter than it is.

I may have to postpone the snorkeling class I was going to take on Tuesday night, preparation for the resort vacation I'm going to take if my renewed passport gets here in time. But I'm sure there will be people at the resort who never snorkeled before. Do I have to be so prepared for everything all the time? It's not as if I'm going to be Diver Dan. (How did Dan and Minerva the Mermaid, like, do it? He had to wear a diving suit and she was half-fish.)

At any rate, it'll be fun to see all these tropical fish and pet them, except they'll edge away from me and I'll feel rejected.

I think I'm delirious.

That sounds like fun, seeing and petting the fish, not the fever part. Sorry you've gotten "that thing".
For the snorkeling, get a underwater camera and take some photos. I think they still make the inexpensive disposable ones, which took fairly decent photos.
Good idea, about the disposable. I was thinking of getting one instead of taking my regular camera.
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