Saturday, January 03, 2009


I get this e-mail newsletter from a "noted veterinarian" every week. It has advice on cat care and some funny cat videos from YouTube.

One of the videos this week was "Cat Saying Hello."

"When we played this for the clinic cats, they started howling!"

I think it sounds more like the noise Pongo used to make when he ate too fast and was about to hurl. But, in the interest of pure science, I played it for Chico and Ashley to see if they would howl. They were in a deep REM sleep on the bed, and suddenly sat up and swiveled around in alarm. After the track played out, they quickly decided the danger was past and the talking hurling cat had been attended to. They put their little fox heads down and went back to sleep.

If you have cats or dogs, do you ever play them videos or recordings of cats and dogs to see what they'll do?

The first time I played that video all three of our cats ended up in my lap sniffing the laptop speakers and one even started crying back at the computer. Once they figured out it was nothing to be bothered with they were gone.

Occasionally I'll play the video just to see if they even wake up for it LOL
LOL! Yeah, once the video is over, they lose interest.

I have a video of Jim and me feeding them from a couple of years ago, and when I play it and they hear the food hitting the metal dishes, they run to the refrigerator.
I've played bird songs from the birder sites. One night played a hawk screeching and his cat-napping eyes immediately popped open and were riveted to the ceiling for a sec. Then he figured out I was messing with him.

Poor little Einstein-kitty has laryngitis. It's the craziest thing to be thinking, "He sure is being quiet" and look over at him and see his mouth just a-going and no sound coming out.
Chico had laryngitis a few years ago. He made a sound like a cicada when he opened his mouth.

This went on for a week and I got worried and took him to the vet. On the way there, he began to yowl. I got to the vet and put the carrier with the yowling cat on the reception desk.

"This is Chico. He has laryngitis."

Everyone in the reception area cracked up.

"He got better."

It was around time for his annual anyway, so the trip wasn't futile.
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