Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where Are You Watching the Inauguration?

I'm here in my cubicle, where I've got a semi-choppy feed coming in from C-span.com. Semi-choppy, because whenever I do something else on the computer, I lose the feed for a second or two.

I'd wanted to watch on CNN.com, where you can comment with all of your Facebook friends, but the Firewall equipment in my company has deemed that both CNN's live feeds and Facebook are too much fun and would distract us from being good boys and girls.

The former vice presidents just entered. I love this pomp and circumstance.

Update, 11:15 AM

There's the march of the former presidents. Poppy Bush looks like he's having trouble walking, and he's saying to Barb, "I thought they'd have a handrail here."

There's Jimmeh and Rosalyn. There was a New York joke during the Carter Administration. It went "What do Jimmy Carter and the Long Island Railroad have in common?" "Every morning at 7:45 they both pull out of Rosalyn."

Gotta love those '70s.

Update, 11:30 AM

Damn. I'm getting kicked off every live feed in the universe. The whole world is watching...except for me!

Update, 11"45 AM

Ah! Just got CNN. For now, anyway.

BTW, did you know that at exactly 12 Noon, Obama becomes Prez? Nobody has to say the magic words or anything, he just automatically becomes Prez. Not just him, the president in general.

I did not know that.

The boss had the TV in his office and was popping in to give me play-by-play.
You still heard more than I did...I lost CNN after Diane Feinstein.
My boss called in to say he would be coming in after the inaugural speech was done. I had on the MSNBC feed in my office starting at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time until at least almost 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Only one other person called into our office the entire time.
I caught bits and pieces online at work around appointments. Stayed after work to keep watching parade and it was really choppy between 5 and 5:30. Figured everyone was going home and getting online on our network from the house and slowed it down.

Was really wanting to see the end of the parade and watch the first couple sticking it out to the very end. If I'd traveled thousands of miles and waited in the cold all day, the prez better be watching when I go by!

All anchored feeds like networks and cnn all dropped the parade way before it was over. Finally found raw feed of it on a Washington newspaper website. And yes, they stayed to the end. Do you know what the last entry was? It was pretty cool.

This raw feed even followed them as they left the reviewing stand, you could hear them clunking along the plywood ramps, and followed them as they went into the Whitehouse. Then went to and stayed on the fountain with the Whitehouse in the background for a long long time. So I hung out by the fountain while I worked and listened to the water and the sirens.
>Do you know what the last entry was?

No. What was the last entry?
It was the new Lunar Electric concept Rover. Here it is in the parade:

It is pretty impressive.

Informative Newsreel:

Cutesy NASA graphics:
www.nasa.gov/externalflash/lerhigh/index.html if you want to take a look. Choice of lunar or Washington DC background.
Cute! A long way from dune buggies.

My father was on the construction team for the original lunar module when he worked at Grumman in the mid-60s. He didn't even know what he was working on at the time--it was that top secret.
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