Thursday, February 05, 2009

Singing Spies

Did you know that Barbara Feldon, who played Agent 99 on "Get Smart," cut a record back in 1965 called "99"? I didn't. (H/T I Heart Daily)

I do have "Secret Agent" and "Double-Oh-Soul" in my collection. I remember those because I'm old.

I keep getting tagged by my Facebook friends to do that "25 Things About Me" list. Can that count as three things?

PS: Ilya Kuryakin (David McCallum) sang with Nancy Sinatra, but didn't cut a record. Unless you know differently; in which case you can tell me.

In looking at the Double-O-Soul video, I saw one of Billy Preston singing it with Ray Charles band. I love Billy Preston, but always saw him behind a piano. Never saw him moving around like this!

So then i went on a youtube Billy Preston tangent. I hope I come to the end of the internet soon. I've got stuff to do!
LOL! Yeah, I can lose hours of my life on those tangents.
When I was a kid, Ilya Kuryakin and Napoleon Solo would appear in my dreams and I'd be on some adventure with them.

In later years, I'd dream about the Waltons with Pa Walton dishing out some sage advice for some problem I had going on.
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