Monday, February 02, 2009

Taking Two

Two days off from work. Sometime during the second half of the Super Bowl last night, my fever went away and was replaced by a swollen throat and a shooting pain up my ear.

I went to my internist today and she did the usual tests, and then pronounced my ailment "viral...just have to let it run its course." That should take a couple of days. Meanwhile, I've been vacillating back and forth between "but I felt well enough to go take the subway to the doctor, so maybe I should go to work" and "I don't care if there is a big 'Sale!' sign in that window, I just want to crawl home into bed."

I feel gypped that I went through the hassle of getting the flu shot and ended up with the flu anyway. But apparently, there are different types of flu. This one is called, "that thing," because when I went up to the receptionist and described my symptoms, she replied, "Oh, you have that thing everybody's coming in with."

For next year, maybe they should develop a "Thing Vaccine."

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