Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Blustery Day

I'm giving myself a little something to do every day just to keep the productivity going. Today's agenda was to get my Separation Agreement notarized and send it off to HR. There's a notary/copy center around the corner and the post office was uncrowded. So there are advantages to being free in the middle of the day.

Tomorrow I'm going to a free class at the Apple Store in Soho. They're doing "iWork," which I actually own. I bought it last year when it looked as if we were going to use it on the job, back when there was a job and a company and a pretend economy that hadn't popped yet. I still have iWork, and it can't hurt to know how to use it.

I also called the people who administer the cafeteria card for the employee cafeteria, and told them to put the money back in my bank. I'll miss that cafeteria. They'd just had Festival of Chicken.

I still have this feeling of "I did something bad and now I've been sent to my room." I've been looking for job loss support groups and part of me welcomes this chance to see what else is out there, since I never would have quit of my own volition in this economy. But then, in another economy, I wouldn't have been downsized.

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