Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Actually Did This

This was a list of things to do when you're unemployed, from a blog called "Recessioned."
Organize your itunes. Your music is all over the place! Get it together! Don’t you hate having over 100 genres? Doesn’t it annoy you just the teensiest bit that The Beatles also comes up as Beatles and Beatle? Remember what Steve (ahem) Jobs said, itunes organization is next to godliness.
That was my big project the last time I was between jobs, during the tech-bust recession of 2001. Not only did I organize my iTunes, but I overhauled my entire music collection: Digitized my audio cassettes and any vinyl that had a decent signal-to-noise ratio, got rid of stuff that seemed like a good idea when I was 17 but didn't hold up during adulthood, ripped all my existing CD's and went over every Billboard Top 100 list and the archives of every New York area Top 40 radio station of the '60s, '70s and '80s to fill in any gaps in my playlists.

I finally finished the project about a year ago, and that's including filling in all the data on the "Get Info" tab in iTunes so I could create playlists like "New Wave Stuff I liked in May of 1979 beginning with the Letter 'A'." What can I say; I'm obsessive.

So now here I am with time on my hands again and the price of multi-zigabyte hard drives falling considerably. Maybe for my next project, I can digitize all of my video. Then I can rip that to my iPod and finally catch up on everything I've time-shifted for the past 22 years.

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