Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Join The Club

The 405 Club, that is; so called because the top unemployment benefit in New York is $405. Although I think that's about to go up, so we'll have to change the name to the $430 Club.

Ouch. Sorry to hear it!

I know the job market's ghastly, but here's hoping you get to be the exception who's grabbed quickly.
you're brilliant. I'm certain it's going to work out for your best.
Thanks, Amy!

Any company that has to dump me to stay in business is in trouble, and I say that in all modesty.

Me and the two other people in my department who got the axe were working on quarterly marketing projects that involved weeks of overtime every three months. The management will either have to stop marketing those products, or divide the work among an existing overtaxed skeleton staff, or outsource it to some guy in Rangoon who will feel like "Slumdog Millionaire" for making a fraction of our salaries.

It'll probably be a combination of all three in some way.
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