Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"She Hardly Updates This Anymore"

That's what I'm imagining my audient is saying.

I'm okay, just shifting gears. The initial shock/liberation is wearing off, I'm getting things done, ducks in a row, irons in the fire, gorillas in the mist. I'm getting a few minor medical and dental problems treated while I still have the insurance, and settling in for what's going to be a pattern for the next six months or so.

I figure it'll take me at least that long to land something else, either freelance or staff. But unlike past layoffs, I don't feel like the thing I have to do before I start breathing again is to find something else. For one thing, the bodies are still falling. For another, I feel like the main thrust of my life isn't to land another job right away, but to integrate the experiences of the past five-six-seven years.

And here I've been thinking you've been updating this much more often these days!
It was one of my Layoff Resolutions. "And I'll update my blog every day!"
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