Saturday, April 04, 2009

Another Good Reason to Keep Blogging

Ann Althouse is marrying one of her regular commenters, "Meade." He looks exactly the way I've pictured you ever picture what people look like on blogs, e-mail, Twitter, whatever?

They had a long-distance romance: She's in Madison, Wisconsin and he's from Cincinnati, but he'll be moving to Madison. My romance with Jim started as a long-distance romance: I was here in New York and he was in Philly and would come up here to visit his sister, with whom I used to make the rounds of the comedy clubs. We met on one of those rounds. Eventually, he moved up here with me.

Considering that I spend at least as much time online as I used to spend in comedy clubs, it's not too far-fetched that my social life and eventually possibly my romantic life would be forged partially online. I've already made friends and frenemies alike through e-mail lists and blogs. I've been keeping in touch with people from various eras of my life through Facebook. In the words of my third-grade teacher, it's time to "make an effort," and kick my social networking media up a notch.

I keep thinking I need to get out there and talk to some real people. I keep thinking I'm ready to, and then I don't. Too easy to just stay in front of the computer.
Being ejected from my cubicle could turn out to be a blessing in disguise: It's New York City and there are Meet-Ups, networking, etc. Like being thrown into the deep end of the pool!
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