Sunday, April 05, 2009

Now Here's a Good Question

I've been telling myself, "Only spend money on what you need." Then I saw this book through a link from Recessionwire and I said, "I need this book!"

Okay, did you need this book before you knew it existed?


So why do you need it now?

Because it validates a lot of stuff I already know about changing jobs and careers.

So now the question I'm asking myself is, "How do I make a potential client or employer who didn't even know I existed say about me, 'I need her'?"

Maybe that's in the book, too. Or maybe this compression thing is too damn tight and I'm not thinking straight. But taking the time--while you have the time--to correct a long-standing circulatory condition before you get crazy with job-hunting and career-changing sounds like a "must-do" in my book.

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