Sunday, April 05, 2009

Publicity, and Other Mixed Blessings

One of my favorite Layoff Bloggers was featured in a Times article today. There's a new term: Layoff Blogger. It's "in" now. It's a new subculture that I didn't realize existed until I myself was laid off.

So should I start a layoff blog dedicated just to my job/career-changing exploits, so I can link to the other Layoff Blogs and be a part of a community? Should I change the name of my existing blog? Should I just go along my merry (ha!) way documenting all of my transitions the way I've been for the past four years?

How about if I become part of a network, like BlogHer? Do I have any helpful hints to share? Yeah: Don't Be Me. Or...Be Me. It depends on what kind of a day I've had.

One of my all-time favorite bloggers is taking a hiatus from blogging, because she's reached an impasse with that particular blog; maybe that particular blog-sonna. I'm going through that right now with the cube, but not the blog. What it feels like right now is that I'm not doing enough with blogging, or not doing something focused. And certainly not marketing my blogging--or any other writing--enough, maybe because then I'd have to take the responsibility to make sure it's consistently good.

Brand Me: I'm A Fine Girl.

PS: More hiatuses. Hiati. Something going around, maybe?

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