Thursday, April 02, 2009

See This Leg?

See this bandage running all the way up my leg? I have to wear it for the next two weeks so that I don't have to wear it every day when I'm 82. It's part of a laser surgery procedure to treat varicose veins in a doctor's office without checking into a hospital. It involves thirteen injections and the smell of burning flesh. And then this itchy bandage.

According to post-op instructions, I'm not to:

1. Sit in one place for too long;

2. Stand in one place for too long;

3. Lie in one place for too long.

Basically, I'm supposed to walk until I drop in my tracks.

I'd better live to be 82.

But what a fabulous pedicure!
Thanks! I may as well look good while I'm suffering. That compression thing is so tight, my eyes are bugging out!
If you can't lay (lie?) in one spot too long, how are you supposed to sleep?
I agree about the pedi!
Bea, I'd thought that would be a problem, but since I kept waking up every two hours from the damn bandage squeezing me, it turned out to be pretty easy!
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