Sunday, August 06, 2006

No Wardrobes, But Lots of Armoires

The thrift shops and furniture stores I covered today had plenty of armoires, but no wardrobes.

In case you're confused about the difference between the two, an armoire usually has a chest of drawers on the bottom, and then two doors with either shelves or a hanging rod inside. Whereas a wardrobe looks more like a closet, about six feet tall with a hanging rod and a shelf. You can hang winter coats in a wardrobe.

If you didn't know the difference between the two, then you are as smart as at least one salesperson in one trendy home furnishings place I was in.

"Oh sure, ma'am, right this way," she said, leading me to an armoire.

"That's an armoire," I replied.

"An armoire? What's that?" So I educated her on the difference, for the benefit of the next customer, and I left, closet-less.

Of course, had I been looking for an armoire, I would have been a very lucky girl, indeed. Housing Works Thrift Shop on 17th Street had some beautiful ones, majestic restored 1940's and 50's-looking pieces in dark woods for about $750 each. I almost relented and decided to get one and then just get really short winter coats.

This being Sunday, the place I really wanted to check out was closed: The furniture thrift shop at Calvary-St. George's Church in Gramercy Park. The church was in the middle of services with the doors open, but I restrained myself from running in and yelling, "Elaaaaine! Elaaaaaine!"

The St. George's furniture shop is more expensive than a thrift shop, but much less expensive than an antique shop. When I was there about a month ago, they had a Heywood-Wakefield living room set, which would have gone well had I decided to do the living room like this.

Meanwhile, my hangable clothes are divided between my husband's wardrobe closet, a tiny closet next to the kitchen, and a hook.

Its looking fine, you can find more Contemporary armoires hereā€¦..
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