Sunday, June 08, 2008

Brunobaby A to Z

Brunobaby's iPod A to Z comes to an end today with "Zor and Zam" by the Monkees.

We here at brunobaby would like to thank the ipod playlist for bringing enjoyment to a difficult year.

It's been interesting following your A to Z playlist this year. Got to thinking that I'd never heard I Am Waiting -- so today, went and found it, listened to it and read the lyrics. You've almost made a year, girl! Sending supportive vibes your way.

We're in the middle of a heat wave here, so the weather reminds me of last July. Except it's worse already! Last summer wasn't that bad, heat-wise. So in at least one way, I caught a break when I needed it.
I've got to tell you that when my "The Event" (which corresponds to your "The Call") happened, there was a heat wave going on and no power for a/c (aftermath of Hurricane Rita). My sister-in-law was camping out at friend's apartment in Houston and took me there. I holed up in a dark room for about a week. When I came out and made the maiden voyage home, it was suddenly Fall! The weather broke and the humidity was gone and the skies were blue. Absolutely surreal.

Not too hot here yet. Hasn't hit 99 but sure could use some rain!
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