Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How To Prepare Your Home To Be Uninhabitable

I've been getting estimates from contractors for the replastering-receiling-recabinet work, not just for cost but for how long it's going to take. The ballpark figure is that my apartment is going to be unlivable for woman or beast for four or five days.

Then again, the last time a contractor said this, we all stayed and managed all right in one little section for the week. And that was some unholy mess! It was an explosion of 150-year-old building smell in the middle of my apartment, and I'm still finding grime in odd corners of the place.

All the furniture will have to be moved into the middle of the room. This would have been impossible a couple of years ago, since there was so much stuff that there was no middle of the room. But it still gives me an excuse to declutter even further and maybe sell some of my things on eBay, if anyone still has a job and money to buy, the contractor.

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