Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'd said here last August that what I needed was a re-weavement group, for people who are putting their lives back together again.

I haven't found a group like that, even in New York, where there are support groups for people who can't get over the re-branding of Diet Coke. But there's re-weavement to be found on the Internet on a one-by-one basis:

Wende, who recently split from her hubby and went back to Phoenix, and

Above Average Joe, whose Mrs. moved out this year leaving joint visitation of Peanut and the Champ.

Wende uses at least part of her real name, or what I'm assuming is her real name. Above Average Joe makes me wonder if I should have been using a pseudonym all along, since I'd then have the ability to be as touchingly honest and vulnerable as possible without getting sued.

What with getting more hits lately on Facebook in one day than on my blog in a month, I know this sure the hell needs something. If you have any idea what, let me know.

Maybe it needs readers who aren't working crazy hours *cause they've gotta keep this job!* and have more time to come and read regularly. Can't wait until I can be a regular reader of yours again! I can tell you that the re-weavement tactic where you work lots of extra hours to fill the void works for a while ... then one day you realize you wish you were leaving when everyone else is. But now you've got to break-up with your grief acquired work load. And the world's stuff happens and your job feels in jeopardy so you keep working like crazy. I'm defining what will mean that this project is finished, writing it down, and when that's done ... i'm taking time off! And maybe spending some time reading my favorite blogs again and maybe even posting myself.
Yeah, I'm up to the "Hey, whatever happened to fun?" portion of re-weavement myself. And things have been crazy at my job, too--massive layoffs, reassignments.

I'm able to sneak in some blogging and reading blogs on days that are relatively slow, like this one. Plus, it looks like I'm plugging away at the computer, as long as nobody looks at my screen.
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