Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Doctor Said I Could Fly

The virus infection that turned into a cough started turning into stuffy ears a couple of days ago. Then yesterday I opened my mouth to bite into a cookie and felt a sharp pain in my right jaw and into my ear.

After a few excruciating moments in which I saw God and the Beatles got back together, the pain went away, but came back again with alacrity when I bit into a sandwich this evening. I took a couple of Aleve and then, figuring it was a muscle spasm, I applied some capcaisin cream. Within seconds, the right side of my face turned bright red and swelled up so badly it looked as if I was packing a second chin under my ear.

To the emergency room at St. Vincents I ran, the place where I went a couple of years ago when I was drying my food processor blade and sliced off the end of my fingertip. They must have stories about me.

After about an hour of waiting, I was examined by a resident, who did a double-take when he saw my face. He checked the ears, nose and throat and then concluded that I had an "impingement of the jaw" and an allergic reaction to capcaisin. Prescription: Keep taking Aleve round the clock for the jaw, and don't put creams derived from hot peppers on your face.

"So I don't have an infection or an abscess and I can fly away on vacation?"

"Don't see why not."

I went up to the Discharge desk.



"I can fly." Then I cracked myself up, realizing the implication was that not only was I not harboring any infectious diseases, but was now endowed with superpowers.

So I'm out a hundred bucks, but at least I know that the pesky virus has played itself out and the swollen face and aching jaw will run their courses, too. Meanwhile, I'll be taking smaller bites. Very small.

"I can fly." LOL!

The first time I read this, I wondered when God had played with the Beatles and if they had put out an album. Then I read it again. I'm still kind of disappointed tho.

Yeah, I wondered if I should have rephrased that.
God ALWAYS played with the Beatles. I like that idea.

Hope you're feeling better. I seem to have a thing also. Now if my ear pops I'll be thinking about George Harrison.
The ears were better by the time I left, although they stopped up for a few hours when the plane descended.
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